Hello again UG!

I just have a very quick question for all of you.
I've seen a great looking (Limited Edition) Epiphone Riviera P93 Custom in my local store, but it's second hand and the standard vintage-style Epiphone tuners have been replaced by (I think, I'm not sure about this) Gotoh tuners.

The guitar has gold hardware which isn't really in top condition and because of the new, smaller tuners, there are some small holes and scratches on the back of the headstock. And I think some of the tuners haven't been installed correctly, but I would need someone to confirm that.

Is it still worth buying this guitar for 499 euro's, or do you recommend buyin a brand new guitar? I doubt I will be able to do some bargaining, that's a bit of a no-go here in Holland.

Thanks for your help!
Ehhh.. I would pass unless it played amazingly!
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I think if i fell absolutely in love with it, i would buy it.
otherwise, for €500, - you can buy enough other guitars in holland, i am living there also.
I don't know the exact exchange rate, but for 500 Euros I'd have thought you could get a brand new Epiphone?
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Quote by GaryBillington
I don't know the exact exchange rate, but for 500 Euros I'd have thought you could get a brand new Epiphone?

Like 700 or 800 bucks maybeeee?? But any Epiphone for 500 anything does NOT sound like a good deal, especially a used one...Unless of course it was "used" by john lennon or something
I would definitely pass on that guitar it's way over priced.
You could probably buy a new one for that, or even less.
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As I said, it's a limited edition and is probably not in production anymore, except for the Royale model. I do love the way it looks, but it was dark sounding. Neck was great, Bigsby seemed to work fine. Is it worth it?
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If it feels/sounds/is comforable to you then sure it's worth it. You're the person who will be playing it. Go ask around some other forums or give it another try before you make up your mind.