Hello UG! It's been awhile since i've posted... In fact, I've been through two bands since then..

Ember Beside Us (old one) : www.facebook.com/emberbesideus
Coventry Square (current one) : www.facebook.com/coventrysquare

Check 'em out if you want, but this song has nothing to do with either of them.

I've been noodling around in drop d# (drop d up 1/2 step) and have been digging the way it sounds. I started transcribing just the drums so i could put samples over them to record guitar parts, but i threw in everything else with it and have just made the guitar pro file so far. The result is me listening to too much I, The Breather/Oh, Sleeper/August Burns Red. I think I've gotten better since I last posted, so let me know what you think!
drums metalcore test.gp5
The first like 20 bars were pretty generic and mediocre and sounded weird, like offbeat or something, probably because of the drums.
The chugga-chugga section was very poor, just boring, i dont like that metalcore open powerchord chugga stuff to begin with but that riff was disappointing
the next riff, the one with octaves, was even more generic but, i mean generic doesnt mean bad so it was ok, good segue to next riff
I really like the riff starting at bar 50, although generic, it is good and i especially like the use of triplets there. good job
The riff starting at 80 is also good but the riff in between is nothing special
The riff starting 88 was fairly boring and went pretty much no where it wasnt until the tremelo solo/outro until I got back into the song, but that ended up going nowhere as well.

this is a returning crit btw
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Hmm alright as I listen:
- The intro has a nice driving rhythm behind it, its sort of generic though. I think the main thing wrong is that it really feels like it needs a syncopated rhythm to it. What I mean is for the first bar, play that D# root for the first 3 and a half beats, and then on that last eighth note, switch to the F#. Then have the second bar stay the same. With that one eight note at the end of the first and third bar, it sounds really awkward to me. Ill include a little tab of what I mean.
- The little doo dah at bar 19 was good. The breakdown did nothing for me though :/ The ending bar helped a bit making it a little atypical of the generic metalcore breakdown.
- Im guessing 34 will be the clean vocals chorus? It sounded pretty generic man, those are the 4 most used chords in numetalcore right there.
- The rhythm guitar behind bar 80's riff was pretty generic as well, maybe try to find some different notes behind it.
- Bar 88 was quite generic sounding as well.
- The part at 104 didnt really work for me. I could see it playing through the first 3 bars as a transition, but beyond that, I didnt like the repeats.
- The breakdown at 116 could work veryyyy well if you lather some effects onto that lead guitar, like a phaser or chorus or something, that could sound pretty nice

Overall, it's not a very memorable song, mostly because its just pretty generic. None of the riffs stick out because I've heard similar riffs everywhere else. Beyond it being generic, it's written decently, not amazing or anything, but it works. There was really only that one part well I feel like the flow got disrupted (104), so check that out.

If you dont mind, could I get a C4C on this?