hey guys,

i went to adjust my truss rod the other day but to my surprise it was a different style to the usual allen key kind. It's actually like a rod with a nut fused to the top. I have a PRS SE and I never got any tools with it. I got it for a present and the person who bought it for me must not have realised there were tools in the box.

Anyway I tried wrenches and tried sockets but i couldnt find anything that fit the nut, anyone got any ideas on what i can use/buy?
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If you don't have the proper tool, take it to your local guitar shop. If you try doing it with the wrong tool, you could do more harm than good.

So long as your local shop stocks PRS guitars, they'll have the appropriate tool to do the job and may even have one you can purchase for future use.
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i used to have a 335 guitar that had this very problem, i was never able to actually sort it.

the best thing you can do is to take it to a luthier and ask them if they can sort it out or have an attachment

however if you fancied spending a fair bit of money

check here http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Truss_rods/Wrenches,_hex_keys/Truss_Rod_Wrench_Set.html
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I have the same setup on a Yamaha bass. I made my own tool by cutting down a tube spanner.
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I just had the same problem with a Jackson bass. I took it to my local shop and they didn't have the right tool so he used a box end wrench. Which I never even thought of ,felt kinda stupid for not thinking of it first.
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Thanks guys, might try the tube spanner. will just have to find the correct size first and i should be right. cheers.
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Sorry awful Anglish.

he's saying it's the same socket truss rod wrench they sell at stew mac, the gibson sized
5/16" . might not be a perfect fit for prs tho, looking at the reviews.
but this is the size.

i just bout a socket from stewmac this year for my taylor, worked out great.

his only concern, is that he said, "make sure it's got an angle on it and thin walls so that you can get a good grip on it. I know, tough to verify over the 'net."

just wanted you to be made aware.

i really doubt i'd spend $42 for an official prs wrench.

also on a side note, and i dont know if i trust them at all, but there are unofficial prs
wrenches on ebay as well for under $10.

good luck.
edit: copy and paste link above it works but wont show as link for some reason.
it's a guy showing his prs wrench...

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got one from stewmac for like $10 + around $10 postage wont get it for about 6 weeks lol yay for fretbuzz.
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Depending on how far the end of the truss rod sticks out from the cavity you may even get away with an ordinary ring spanner. That's what I use on both my jacksons. Also, make sure you get the right size, 5/16ths seems to be common on guitars from the US, but instruments made in asia (or anywhere else really) will use a metric size, 7mm on most of the ones I've seen
Well its prs so it will be imperial and i looked up and everywhere i can see it says 5/16ths. Tried ring spanner and had no luck
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Sorry awful Anglish.