Tis my first post on UG and I hope you like it. This song/poem is played along with acoustic backing.

Her Favourite Poet,

A sombre whistling wakes me from my dreams
A shady man stands beyond my curtain seems
With a coat so long it stretched to the horizon and back
Could this be real or my imaginations attack

Prepare for another day of mixed fact&fiction

Doctor, doctor cant you tell me
How these people creep into my pysche
Doctor, doctor cant you help me
Do away with these unwelcome outsiders

His words of speech only heard in my head
So complex and profound, it weighs on the air like lead
His tone so soft yet menacing to the ear
Not knowing whats reality means I've everything to fear

I'll relinquish all control but an easy road makes a hard life

Doctor, doctor cant you tell me
Who these voices in my head belong to
Doctor, doctor cant you help me
Get these voices out of here
Before I listen and follow through

Strangers, strangers
Why are you the only constant in this change?
Another piece to the puzzle that makes it harder to arrange
A twist, a twirl, a coil, a curl
It seems this stories not destined to unfurl
Some parts of this are really good, like ''a coat so long it stretched to the horizon and back''. however some of the rhyming feels forced - ''back, attack, ear, fear, head ,lead''. you don't need to rhyme all the time, and it makes it a little awkward. the meaning of the piece is also a little abstract and hard to grasp, however perhaps it's just that sort of song. overall though i like the descriptive tone and feel of it. pretty good work!