Selling my Weber Mass 150 Attenuator, was used with a Randall RM100-KH amp head to tame volume and sounded amazing but downsized to a lower wattage combo so no longer required. The Mass range are widely regarded as the best attenuators on the market, it offers infinite control of attenuation to 0db as can be used to record silently via the line out. Mass can be used to supply 2 cabinets and sounds stays natural down to very low levels with separate low and high attenuation controls to balance any high end loss when attenuating.

The unit is in perfect condition and includes the option rack ears so can be integrated into a rack setup, also useful for picking it up if using with a high wattage amp as the highr the amps rating the more heat it generates. This was imported from US and is rarely available used in the UK.

£140 shipped

Details can be found here https://taweber.powweb.com/weber/mass150.htm and you’re welcome to try before purchase.