Selling my Line 6 M13 Pedal Board, I downsized from a stack and rack setup to a combo and this based on the glowing reviews online. I have to agree with the reviews, the pedal sounds amazing! The included fx all sound excellent and easily matched my former rack gear, integration with an amp is great using 4 cable method and all that’s before you start to play with the looper. For me it was two much of a departure from my Rocktron All Access controlling everything so I’ve switched to a POD HD500 which includes the same fx and can control my rig with single presses rather than the stomp box approach so it’s now no longer needed. I

t has seen only home use as I could not get on with the separate footswitch style again after all these years so never got to gig it . The unit has been upgraded to the latest firmware and is in immaculate condition with original box.

£275 shipped

A review can be found here http://www.musicradar.com/gear/all/guitars/fx/multi-fx/m13-175492/review and you’re welcome to try before purchase.