Official tabs of Erik mongrain,Dobson,Dufour ,Andy Mckee and much from candyrat

hi friend
you might be surprised that i own the whole collection of ewan dobson 's candyrat tabs

except Set 15,14 and 12 .

also the whole set of antoine Dufour,complete Official tabs of Eric Mongrain except 1 of them
,the complete official tabs of andy mckee
gareth pearson compleyte candyrat tabs

Craig D'Andrea ,candyrat sets no.2,4,5,7,8
issues of Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
Hunter Van Larkins 's Complete candyrat tabs sets
compelte pop arrangements of Kelly Valleau
some maneli jamal's tabs
Pierre Bensusan 's tabs
whole tabs of Thomas leeb and much more that you see on my catalog

i like to know some collector like me here
will happy to know you if you are collector of great official fingerstyle tabs ,specially candyrat tabs
you can contact me on
email to : david[dot]lnt[at]hotmail[dot]com