hi guys
i have already got these from candyrat :

Don Ross - Transcriptions Set 4
Don Ross - Transcriptions Set 8
Don Ross - Transcriptions Set 11
Don Ross - Transcriptions Set 13
Don Ross - Transcriptions Set 14

also this single tabs from don ross 's website
Blue Bear [Official TAB].gp5
Catherine ,Official Score from Mag.pdf
Don Ross - The Answer Book.pdf
Don Ross - The Answer Book.txt
Its Fun Being Lucky[OFFICIAL TAB].gp5
King Street Suite[Official TAB].gp5
lucy watusi[OFFICIAL TAB].gp4
My Previous Life [Official TAB].gp5
No Goodbyes updated [Official TAB].pdf
Ross, Don - 3 Hands.gp5
Tight Trite Night[official TAB].pdf

if you have other official! candyrat Sets of Don Ross ,i'm ready to exchange with what i already have

i have the whole official tabs of Andy Mckee too, expect 3 or 4 of them which are for Harp Guitar

check out my whole official tabs collection


i'm ready for exchange with official candyrat tabs or other great tabs by the best artists that i don't own
my email is in the first page of that catalog

you can contact me if you have anything for exchange,but that mustn't be shared here or some where else before
Hi there, i have a large amount of antoine dufour guitar pro files and would be keen to swap for any don ross/andy mckee files if they are available? cheers, Jonny
Hi there,

How can I become a member on your forum? Do I have to sent you a list from the tabs I have?

Really wanna contribute to your forum and become a member!