Hey guys, so I'm gonna get my first half stack soon - I have the head, the Mode Four, I was wondering does it HAVE to be a MF350 cab too or can you mix and match? Any recommendations?
Anything with V30's
EDIT: Its a 400W head, so you need a cab that is rated for 400 or above.

TBH aside from the Mode 4 cab, I cant think of anything that has that much juice x.x

Just buy an unloaded 412 and stick a quad of Eminence Tonkerlites in it, those are 125W each. There similar to the V30 so it should work well.
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You don't have to but the MF400 cab is the best part of the whole Mode Four range.
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Don't you mean, "What other cabs could it power"?
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any cabinet with at least 350-400watt power handling should be fine so long as the impedance matches.
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The mode four has two different speaker cab configurations. They made 2 types of speakers for it. There are the MF400 cabs, and there are the MF280 cabs. The MF280 cabs are 16ohms, while the MF400 cabs are 8ohm. If you look on the back of the head you will notice a chart that tells you which speakers can be plugged into to the head and in which configuration. You can use either speaker cab in half stack config - but it appears that you can only use the MF400 in half stack mode otherwise you will blow the speakers in both cabinets (if you were to hook it up in full stack mode). This is a question I have actually because I cannot understand why marshall made these amps this way. In any case - if you are going to use the amp in a FULL STACK configuration you need to have a 400 watt rated cabinet with 16ohms of impedance. This means your typical Marshall 1960 won't suffice because 1st of all it's only rated at 300w and it has impedance of 8ohm. I've looked all over for a thorough explanation of the Mode Four speaker cabinet fundamentals and I haven't found anything. The little chart on the back of the Amp seems to be the only reliable explanation available.