Hi everyone,

I'm buying a guitar for my other half as a birthday present. He would probably still be considered a beginner although he can play several short pieces on the guitar to a reasonable standard (wonderwall, save tonight etc).

Having looked around, my choice is going to come down to either the Taylor Big Baby or the Ibanez AW370ECE (which I realise is an accoustic electric). Pricewise, the Ibanez is slightly cheaper. I liked the sound of both of the guitars, although I might slightly prefer the Big Baby. I took along a guitar expert friend who played them both and thought they would both be suitable. The thing that's really putting me off the Big Baby is the two ugly screws through the neck. I also haven't been able to find any reviews online for the Ibanez, so I'd be really interested to know if anyone has experience of the two guitars, or the Ibanez alone.

Thanks in advance!
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the problem is that what you like and what your other half likes may not be the same, not only regarding tone but also the feel of the guitar physically.l i liked the big baby at first, but didn't find it that versatile - the tone isn't great for jazz, for example. it's also not a good value although it is a very well made guitar. the ibanez i think i've tried once. it wasn't bad - better than most ibanez guitars - but i've heard better at its price range.

were these the only two you liked? if you like cedar topped dreads, did you try the seagull s6? weird headstock, but you do adjust to it, and it's a higher quality guitar with a very nice sound - maybe the best of any solid top with lam back and sides. and there are all solid guitars in the same price range - here are some:

(has the recording king voice, which is very nice - pickguard could be replaced.)

(my favorite in this price range - rich tone, very nice guitar, headstock is weird but sounds so good)

are a couple. and one i don't like quite as much but a lot of people do is an epiphone masterbilt - all solid, and you can get 15% off this weekend. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Masterbilt-DR-500M-Dreadnought-Acoustic-Guitar-519055-i1387322.gc

or you could surprise your other half with a gift certificate and let him pick his own guitar. that way, you're guaranteed to pick something he likes.

btw, those two screws on the big baby actually come off with the greatest of ease, allowing the neck to come off easily - great if you ever travel by plane.
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Hi patticake,

Thanks so much for your response and your advice. Unfortunately as I live in Europe I can't take advantage of the special offer but it's great to have some recommendations. As for the Taylor, I can see that there may be practical advantage to the screws in the neck, but I think they make the guitar look very cheap and that really put me off. I went back to look at the Ibanez this morning, and I did like the way it sounded. However, I had read a number of good things about the Seagull S6 but hadn't been able to find it in any shops and I really wanted to try the guitar before buying rather than buying online. As luck would have it a shop that's been closed for the summer during my search re-opened today and they had a seagull which I was able to try. I think it's really is a great guitar! It sounds lovely and it's also great looking, particularly the back and sides. It's my favourite of all the ones I've seen in 5 different shops, we spent about half an hour playing it! So I'm going to go for that one. The gift certificate idea was a good one, but I think it will be really exciting for him to unwrap a brand new, specially chosen guitar on the day of his birthday so I'm going to go with that :-)

Thanks again for the advice on the guitars!
Ive had a Taylor Big Baby guitar since 2002. Other than the varnish on the back of the neck coming away with the help of some sun cream its been an epic guitar. Bigger tone than you'd think which is nice for recording and live work (Fishman soundhole pickup added). Nice padded gig bag too. I cant recommend it enough.
it would be more exciting for most players i know to go and choose their own guitar, and there are things that a non-player may not know about their guitar player spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend's preferences that might be a big deal to the player.

i know a guy whose wife got him a several thousand dollar martin om. sure, it's a great guitar, but the neck is uncomfortable for him, and he doesn't love the tone, so it's no fun to play. he says he loves that she thought of him, and will keep it always, but he doesn't play it much as it's not comfortable. it's a great guitar - some people consider it their favorite - but it's not right for everyone.

my husband gives me cash and a ride to the guitar store - it usually takes me weeks to choose. i have him do a layaway and i complete it for him.
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