I'm looking for an amp for a friend of mine because he currently doesn't have one and we want to start a band.

Budget: Under $250 would be best.
New or Used? At this price, used used used.
Genre(s)? Post-rock
Closest city? Austin/Round Rock, TX
Current Gear? He's borrowing my Fender Frontman 15. He needs a new amp.
Home, Gig, or Both? Probably small shows at the most, and practice with a drummer if we ever find one.

Now, I know post-rock has a very wide range of tones required, but we're planning on also getting him a multi-fx unit which is probably how we'll get his distortion as well. So ideally he'll have something with a great clean channel that takes pedals well, and onboard distortion isn't really that important.

A few amps we've considered for him so far are:
Peavey Valveking
Peavey Classic 30
Hughes and Kettner Tour Reverb (there's a good local deal on this one too)
Roland Jazz Chorus 120 (I know it's a bit of a budget stretch)

Any comments on these amps? Other suggestions?
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bugera's are pretty good for rock/metal, i think they're cheaper than most amps in their field but can't remember the price
I need an amp for neither rock nor metal, but you've reminded me that the V22 has a good clean channel.
used flextone?

but since you plan on using a multi-effect for most of the stuff maybe just a loud clean amp?

lemme do some clist lurkin'.
An Ampeg 140c it would be a great choice......cleans are in the ballpark with the Roland JC. The Drive channel is Amazing from ac/dc to the death metal and everything in-between.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow