I have this guitar: My Cheapo PRS Copy ... Only it has Wilkinsons, not passive EMGs.

It's a surprisingly good guitar that I picked up for £110 new. The woods are good, the neck is nice a thick and the frets are jumbo and well finished. I have a couple of Ibanezes (Ibani?) and an LTD with EMGs, but I want a guitar I can turn up to jam sessions down the pub without people thinking I'm just gunna play metal or shred, so I thought I'd pimp out this guitar to be a great classic rock axe.

I want to put a Seymour Duncan SH4 JB in the bridge and a SH-2n in the neck, both coil tapped. And I want a killswitch because I love a bit of stutter on guitars without a whammy bar.

There are two controls on this guitar, a volume and a tone. I want to remove the tone and have a volume for each p/u. One of the volumes I want to be a push/pull to coil tap both pickups. And the other I want to be this: Shadow Kill-Pot , which is a kill switch built into a pot.

I have a fair bit of guitar-y and pedal knowledge but I've never done anything with coil-tapping before so I was wondering if anyone with more knowledge than me could see any reason why this is a stupid idea and won't work, just to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

Thanks for any responses, first thread so if I've said something freaking stupid, I'm sorry.
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