I need some new strings for my hellraiser, I play mostly b and a, I've had people tell me to get 13s and others telling me they use 9s, I had 10s on it before. Hat gauge and brand strings should I grab?
I'd personally go for some D'Addario Heavy top/Light Bottoms. 13s are ridiculous, and you will not be doing any bends. They are just overkill, imo.
I have DR Deep Drop Tuning strings in 13-65 and I bend them easily in B tuning.
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i used dean markley jazz 13-56 in my metal days...
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I use D'Addario .10-46s on my Schecter(which is tuned to Eb), and D'Addario .12-52s on my ML(which is tuned to E, but sometimes I go down to C# too).
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i'm an ernie ball fan. i use the titanium coated, .11 to .48 on my hell raiser for drop c
I use Ernie Ball Not Even SLinky 12 - 60 (Its either 60 or 52 cant quite remember). But they work well for Drop B tuning
I like Ernie Ball regular slinky but there are a lot of good brands out there. i like D'Addario and Fender strings as well.
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I use Ernies on my Casino and Elixirs on my Yamaha.
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