I used to live in a castle
On the top of a mountain
Bm Gmadd9
Watch the dragons who fly above the clouds
What a drag it is to be only human
So I tried to learn how to breathe fire
And I tried to learn to fly
Bm C
But I just burned my throat and
fell out of the sky
Dm (G) Am (D) G G
Try to fly away
I tried to fly away

There was a man who lived on a hill
Tried to do everything himself
Built his house with his hands but got no
Pictures on his shelf

His wife left him and said she didn't
Need him anymore
When his son became a man
He walked right out the door

Try to fly away
They tried to fly away

(Instrumental bridge)

I awoke one moring to a
Sound from my window
Cursed the world and shut the blinds
Put my head under pillows

I had a dream I climed up to the
Highest castle lookout
I jumped and felt myself falling
But I did not come about

In the sky were flying
A pair of military planes
And both of them were shooting trying
To make sure I felt the pain

Then I heard a flutter
The flapping of feathered wings
In spite of the bad weather
A bird began to sing

Nine thousand pigeons
Flew beneath my falling feet
Brought me to a gentle stop
While singing something sweet

Then I finally woke up
Because I heard a sound
Birds were chirping outside
And they made me come around

Told myself today was the day I'd make the
Journey into town
Never looked back when I
Burned my castle down

F (G) C (D) G C
Try to fly away
Try to fly away