Short but sweet, I like it. It's catchy. I'm wondering though, did you intend to also put vocals on top of that particular part? Or was that meant to be an instrumental intro? If it's gonna be pure instrumental, maybe you might want to consider varying the rhythm of the lead guitar a bit to make it a bit more interesting.
there is going to be vocals over the top of that, i think that part will be the chorus and i will work on a verse part.

Thanks for your feedback
Thank you, i will be sure to make a full version, i was just working on an idea i had, and i wanted to get some feedback, thank you for the support
I really like it. Crazy short, but it would make a really nice tune. From what is already written, I believe it would make a great chorus. If I had written it, I'd let a few lead notes ring out a bit longer with some minimal vibrato. Once finished, i'd say some panning needs to be done. Very catchy and you also get a good acoustic tone. I can already imagine some vocal rhythms. Looking forward to a final piece.

Crit for crit, please?