I've been looking for a cheap (max. 400$) Electric-Acoustic guitar for performing with my band. Till now I found these guitar, which suit me with the Price and the Features.
Which one do you think is the best? Thank you very much

Fender CD-60CE V2
Yamaha FX-310A
Ibanez AEG-8E
Takamine G series EG440C NEX
I've just been through a similar search. Settled on an Ibanez EW20. Probably one of the best acoustics i've played for the money. Have you tried looking at some Tanglewoods? They make some really good guitars at entry/mid-level. Try the TSFCE-N.
Out of the ones on your list, i would either take the Takamine or the Yamaha, the Takamine sounds better and can tackle a lot more imho.
I have a Fender CD-60CE and it's a fantastic guitar for the price. It's got a great feel to it and the sound is beautiful. I'd shy away from "jumbo" sized acoustics, I personally don't like the tone they produce over a dreadnought body.
do you already have an acoustic?

if so, and you like it, you might just want to add a sound hole pick up to it.

when it comes to acoustic electrics,
you get the most for your money when you buy separate.

ok with that said, if you dont have an acoustic...

i have yamahas, ibanez, fenders, and have played takamines...

of the guitars posted i'd take the takamine.
i'd skip the fender because of finish.
i'd skip the yamaha (it'll sound booming) but you want it
amp'd and it's not a cutaway.
and i'd skip the ibanez, because i don't like starter ibanez.
too much plastic.

another really really strong suggestion would be to
look used.

edit: i see that the fender also comes in a laminated black mat finish.
not everyone's style, but for a starter guitar, i guess another option there.

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