Yeah i know, your probably thinking New string day? who gives a sh*t? well the other day i bought myself a set of the DR Meon strings just to see if they were actually neon or not, and to my suprise, they are!

the pictures don't really do it justice because believe me, they are WAY brighter in person, especially in the black light. At first i didnt think they would be that bright, just because usually things are too good to be true, but to my suprise, i was wrong! i got the medium gauge Hi-Def Green in medium gauge, which is 10-13-17-26-36-46. the sound pretty good, not the best string i have ever used, but they are pretty good. I wasn't suprised when after only a few hours after i put the strings on, the coating started to come off where i pick, which isn't a big deal because too me it's kind of a given. the one thing i don't like with these strings is that they feel like old dirty strings, like grimy you know? they don't feel like a brand new set of strings, but the sound like new strings which is kinda weird but it works, if DR can figure out a way to make them feel like regular strings and make them not flake off, then id give these a 10/10, but because of those reasons, im gonna give it a 8.5/10 and stick to my Power Slinkys for my primary string for that guitar, but once and while i will buy them again to give some cool factor into my guitar
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Mmm I've got a set of green DR Neons on my Spector 5, they're a nice string indeed. I like DR overall, and I especially like they're take on coated strings. HNSD!
to be honest... i didn't care

but then i seen the pictures

and realised they're kinda cool

but i have no use for them as i don't play in the dark

so i'm back to not caring much

but i still like the look of them

i'd have some, but i don't want to pay for them.

i think TS should give me his.

i'll shut up now xD
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I think those strings plus my green LP will = Win.
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yeah they are pretty sweet, like i said before the pictures aren't even close to what they are in person, even more so for bass guitars
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
I use DR pure blues. Excellent strings. Avoid the black beauties though.

And probably the Drop tune strings.
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they look nice

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Neon String Coolness entirely offset by the line 6 POS pedal...
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What if its a Vetta or a Flextone or a SV?

Then TS should have an FBV Shortboard or Shortboard MKII...my comment stands!

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“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
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At first I wondered why anybody would make a thread about this.

Then I read the thread and was still uncertain.

Then I remembered that a couple guitarists in Design the Skyline (sponsored by Bugera) use green strings and they're terrible, so I laughed at your expense.

I guess the basic premise of my story is: thanks for the good times.
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i just want to know, if the green coating starts to chip and come off after a while. i wouldnt want little flakes all over the floor and guitar
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I got myself some pink DR neons a few months ago. They really were neon! Now I'm back to regular strings because cheez, you'll find that the coating will crumble and you'll find it all over your fretboard, pickups and guitar!
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Neon String Coolness entirely offset by the line 6 POS pedal...

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"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
SWEEEEEET! i need a set of those neon green ones for my slime green charvel san dimas. will look wicked on stage! xD