Hey guys I need a little help. I'm a violin major at a music university, but I'm looking to change my primary instrument to classical guitar. I've already cleared it with the department, and I'm taking lessons. I've played fingerstyle for a few years and of course I'm comfortable reading treble clef, but applying it to guitar will take some practice for me. What are some easier intermediate books I could buy for repertoire?
Would any of the suzuki books be good? I know for the violin at least anything past the fourth book were actually pretty standard pieces
Suzuki is mostly a learning method from what purposes I tend to use it for, I'd imagine you don't need that sort of 'method'. You're better off searching for composers' studies I'd say.As while they're perhaps outdated somewhat, meant for a different aspect of playing, rather than the purposes for which I tend to use Suzuki's method.

- Carcassi, as already named, is a good one.
- Mauro Guiliani, heard him often compared to Mozart.
- Fernando Sor
- Leo Brouwer, very interesting stuff from another part of the world, well worth checking out.
- Heitor Villa-Lobos, tougher as far as his Etude book(and many of his other work as well) goes but well worth it further up.
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