My internets stopped working im asking you from my phone now because I dont know what to do.
I was with btinternet, this usually makes you sign in to get internett acces but for a week it hasnt asked me to do that.
Restarting my computer doesnt solve this problem. Ive tried to reconnect to the bt hub but it says it cannot connect with no reason why it wont. Can anybody give me some help on what to do please?? All answers will be greatly appreciated

EDIT: its windows vista btw
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Ring BT and demand to know whats going on?
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try reseting the hub. if that dont work check all the connections from the hub to the phone socket in the wall to make sure there is no corrosion. if all looks good phone BT.
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Ring BT and demand to know whats going on?

does anything else work with the hub?

if other things work on the internet it's obviously got nothing to do with bt.
if youre on windows 7 go to the bottom right where it has the little internet connection thing, and right click it to go to network and sharing center. then on the left it will say change adapter settings. find your connection, right click it and go to diagnose it. it might tell you the problem or fix it if its minor
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Thanks for the answers guys im just resetting the hub. Is there a possibility ive blocked the hub/bt?

EDIT: on the hub all the lights were on so everything should be fine. Telephone and tvs good though :S
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Someone suggested I might have disallowed the hub to interact with the pc but I cant see how I could've done that
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Hallelujah! After trying to diagnose the problem four times, its working! Thanks so much for your time and help everyone

EDIT: now thats weird, its gone off again and wont connect. I might have to ring bt
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Are there any error messages? Are there any other computers on the network? And if so, can your other computers connect? If not, try getting a friend to come over with a laptop and try to connect or something. It's also worth asking what model the hub is.

The OP is incredibly vague, "the internet's not working" doesn't really help much...
There are two computers connected to this network, neither of them are working. The hub is quite new, its only been in for at least four/five months. Ill just have to get someone over to sort it out I suppose because nothing's worked
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Via phone do you mean 3g or wifi on the phone?

Also, is there the network symbol on the taskbar or is it not connected?
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You could connect to the HomeHub admin ip address and see what it says. As mentioned they aren't great devices so it might not tell you much. The IP address and login details are on the hub usually.

Have you got the BT Diagnostics thing loaded? That might tell you what's up.

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