Sup guys,

Looking at buying a Statesman head on a sweet deal, but I won't have the chance to try it so just wondering if you have any idea... do you think this amp would do metal in general?
I play anywhere from Cynic to Megadeth to Carcass, and my main guitars are an ESP H-400 and an Agile Septor 828.

Its not essential as I have a Digitech TL-2 (not exactly convincing but does for the stupid gain amounts).

I'd be running it into my Ashdown 4x12, maybe a/b'd with my sh*t Ashdown head.


Well, if you can get a good deal you can get a good deal... but understand that while the EL34 head has the most gain on tap out of all the Statesman models, it's not a dedicated metal amp. For early thrash, stuff like the first two Metallica albums or Megadeth it's fine. Anything heavier will be doable, but it won't be grand.
Personally, I like the VH100R more, but that might be because I'm accustomed to one of it's little brothers, so take that with a grain of salt.

The VH has the same problem as the Statesman, though it does get a bit heavier... with a good cabinet and the right speakers, a VH can be pretty damn nice for metal (and I don't know the slightest thing about Ashdown cabs, sorry). Just keep in mind that it'll always keep it's typical British, biting tone and will not sound like a Peavey 5150 or whatever.

You'd have to demo either of these to find out if they get heavy enough for you, as they are not typical br00tz amps, but they just might do. I feel that they are both of similar quality.