Hey guys I was wondering if the BOSS ns2 Noise suppressor is positive ground? because it only works with a 9v battery, and when I plug it into my daisy chain from my DC brick the suppressor stops doing its job but the top LED light is still on. but no suppression. I am running a tc electronic delay, boss EQ, MXR EQ and a mini mod chorus.

When I plug my mini mod into the daisy chain, it becomes very noisy and loses its function and you can hear "clicks" in the timing of the pedal (speed) you turn it up the clicks are faster but the pedal doesnt do anything else.

pedal order

Boss ns2-ran through effects loop the right way all four jacks used
Tc electronic delay
minimod chorus
boss EQ
mxr EQ (EQ;s not ran at same time)

Please help me figure this out as in I dont want to keep unpluggin and plugging back in my pedals to conserve battery life.

If there is a flaw in my setup please do tell. Ill get pictures on request if needed
There could be an issue with your DC brick...do the pedals work if you plug them into an individual adaptor?
I dont have an individual adapter, I have the brick. BUT I forgot to say that the EQ pedals and the TC electronic work absolutely perfect plugged in, its the NS2 and minimod.
The NS-2 is a negative ground and the outer conductor of the adapter is positive. This is why you never want to bump the power supply adapter onto any of the pedals on the same daisy chain (that's why daisy chains come with plastic covers for the adapters). I don't know about the minimod specifically but chorus pedals tend to be kinda noisy compared to most other pedals. My compressor pedal is my only pedal that is noisier than my chorus. Maybe there is just too much noise for the NS-2 to handle. I know when I stack too many pedals my NS-2 gets overwhelmed.
It's an ACA adapter pedal NOT a PSA adapter pedal. The ACA supplies 12vDC and a diode/resistor combo reduces it down to 9v inside the pedal. If you use 9vDC to supply the pedal, the diode/resistor combo drops the voltage down to 6vDC inside the pedal and it won't work. Check the sticker by the DC jack or the bottom of the pedal to see what kind of supply it needs!!!!!!!! This is how people fry pedals!!!!!!
Oh crap, well that is not good. What is wrong with the setup? The Brick is a ACA adapter and I need a PSA adapter to run the NS2 correct? Should I purchase a differen power supply?