hey ivebeen wanting to record at my house for a reeeeaALLLY long time but i have one of those old macs where its just the monitor. it has mac osx software and everything so its not totally out of date, but i was just wondering what the best (and cheapest) recording program i could get for it.

and if at all possible, it would be nice to get a little information on setting everything up (mixer, cables and any other shtuff)

thanks a bunch
Not sure about the cheapest, but I grabbed an M-box 2 Mini that came with Pro Tools 8 LE. Just a matter of either grabbing a mic and recording from an amp, or plugging your guitar into the box to record. Penning in drums and bass can get tedious if you're not the perfectionist I try to be, but it comes with a hell of a lot of preset stuff as well.

Admitedly I'm running this on a quad-core, 4GB RAM Windows 7 Ultimate system, not sure how smooth it'd run on a dated Mac.