Hey what's up? This is PK from Price (click link in signature), promoting an awesome upcoming show in Williamsburg, New York. It's at The Trash Bar and it's gonna be sick!
If you live in the area, come check us (and the other bands) out on Sunday September 18 starting at 9:00. As you can see from the Trash Bar website, there will be cheap drinks and an awesome atmosphere.
Check out the poster
Hope to see you there! PM/friend me for additional info.
Thanks guys, we're playing two more shows, check out our facebook page for details. Btw, yes, we recorded this ourselves on Cubase 5, but the drums are midi. We're going to upload two new songs (with better midi drums) soon, so stay tuned!
Here are two videos of our Sept. 22nd gig:
The Field Song in Bm/For Whom The Bell Tolls

What You've Sown