Read everything before posting, I have a feeling I might encounter some flack about this on this forum.

In Dubstep, a "wobble effect" is produced by assigning a low frequency oscillator (goes up and down) to a variable of a Low pass filter (attenuates frequencies above a cutoff frequency); the question I have is this:

Does the oscillation rate create the rhythm?

For example, lets say I have a bass play whole notes in 4/4 at 120bpm and feed it into the "wobble bass" processing on a laptop. 120 beats in 4/4 = 120 q notes/minute; (120q notes/minute) x (1min/60sec) = 2 notes/sec; since Hz is defined as 1/sec that means 2 hertz to play quarter notes with the wobble effect, correct?

Also, if this is the correct way to induce a rhythm, whats the maximum/minimum expected Hz of a typical dubstep artist, and what sort of LFO waveforms should be used (sine, square, sawtooth, triangle, etc)?

I don't have the editing software to figure this out myself yet; I'm far too cheap (unless there is a free one somewhere; I should mention I can't torrent).

Oh, and if this is the wrong forum go ahead and move it. And yes, this will *eventually* apply directly to guitar and bass.

Thanks ahead of time!
I don't know much about this but yes, it kinda brings in the rhythm. Usually you'll want a simple sine LFO, I don't think the other would sound good.
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The speed of the oscillation doesnt exactly create rhythm, it more puts emphasis on the rhythm of the drums, since dubstep and house is mostly programmed music everything is equal in speed. I dont know the frequencies for differences in speed (sorry ) but to my knowledge its similar to using an arpeggiator on a synth; set it to the bpm of the song or it often sounds out of place (except for transistions it can work sometimes).

For the LFO, its pretty much experimentation for which waveform creates the best sound to you. The speed for it is also whatever you want, usually matches the bpm as far as I know.

Hope I had something useful in there.
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I'm not worried about using it for drums, more about the bass. I looked up a demo and, in the demo, the guy was using a midi controller and just sustaining the notes with one hand and using the other to select the frequency of the LFO...so yeah I think what I'm thinking will work. I hope haha.

Also, what parameters is the LFO usually assigned to to create that sound? Is it just the cutoff frequency?
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Wobble is created mostly through filter cutoff properties, but I've seen people use a linked volume or eq envelope as well. And for the record, in some DAWs, you can set an LFOs speed to the step for timing.
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