Hi Ultimate-guitar community.
I've been searching the internet thin, for a guitar tab for the pantera song "Come-On Eyes" from their glam-album I am The Night. I've only managed to find 1 version, and that version doesnt include the solo. The solo is what I want to learn. I think that this particular solo is the best Dimebag ever wrote. You should listen to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b022NYH7nzY
It starts at 2:06.

I really cant find any tab anywhere, and the solo is damn hard to figure out by ear. Can anyone help me? Its so hard to find any tabs from the glam days of Pantera.
Or can anyone figure it out by ear, and make a tab? I would appreciate that very much. But it's really hard.
Don't bump your own threads, bro.

Second, why don't you try to learn in by ear? It's alot better for you.

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