So, I was looking into getting another six string, but it's possible that I could be getting back into an old band that I was in and they use seven strings. Therefore, I'm looking into getting a 7-string instead now. I really like Agile guitars and I'm considering either the Interceptor 727, just the standard, and the Pro version. I know the Pro has EMGs and a Neck-Thru, but is it worth the extra $200? Or would I be best to just go with the standard 727 and save a few bucks? I really am fond of the 27" scale length, which both guitars have, and I've narrowed it down to just these two. Please let me know.

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I'd say go for the standard and save the money so you don't get lumbered with EMGs. That's just because I dislike EMGs though, haha.
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I agree with Zaphod. Go for the one with passives, use the 200 bucks to swap the pups for something better.

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Have to agree. I own the 727 Pro, and seriously. I'm starting to hate the EMGs more than anything, so much that I hardly even touch it now.

Neckthru is nice though.. Plus, it's sexy as all hell.