Poll: Would you buy a refurbished tv online?
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18 75%
5 21%
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1 4%
Voters: 24.
I have the opportunity to get a tv for almost 50% off with a 90 day warrantee from a few different sites, 3 of which are sears, overstock, and amazon.

How do you guys feel about refurbished items? I've read some 'critic' reviews that say there are laws stating refurbished items have to be in 'new' condition.

Hell, if I can save 400$ I would really like to but I'm not 100% sure since I've never got anything refurbished.
Sure; if its defective, sue them for false advertising

Repeat for infinite wealth/lulz.
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A friend of mine bought a 57' flatscreen off of Craigslist for $200 cause they guy was moving to some Buddhist Monastery or something and just wanted money for airfare.

So yeah, I probably would, if I saw that it worked okay and the price was good.
I see a lot of refurbished items on ebay, and quite a few are done by reputable companies. Dunno if they specialise in refurbishing, or are just electronics companies that also buff up old stock. I'd buy from them, not from some independent people online.

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If it was from a reputable company, then yes.
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I've had bad luck with refurbished items in the past, so not unless I was able to get an extended warranty.