I’m on a wheel of a proud of a Christian man
And I take space up when I sit down when I amble around
We can talk like we see and I’ll have you for a beer
And I wake up with my socks on now and again in the early morning
Don’t want to drive down to the station to pick my kid up
And I don’t want to wait around for the next guy to sell a car to
In my wrestling matches I used to take down to the carpet
With all the strength that I now use to drive the car straight as an arrow
And for Christmas we’ll get a tree and the old used dusty bookstore
And a single one on me for all my friends who made their enemies
A purposeful cast out as if faith it makes a difference
Like when I used to think I could trick my team into scoring by rooting for the hated team.

Yearning for a voice to speak now not remembering what it’s like to yearn
And three steps out the door I notice that the paper’s wet
A movie and a chocolate shake and breaking father character
.I whistle when I want to while I pass by other people walking
This will never overflow and spill out on the tablecloth
I have here complete control and my new four gear riding mower
And we can stay on rainy days and dance quick in the hallway
With time for us and time for them and time for me my memory.