I didn't really like their first record, but "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" leaked and it's fucking brilliant. Like, top 5 of the year brilliant.

Girls - "Honey Bunny"

If anyone wants a download link lemme know and I'll pm it to you but it's not hard to find on Google. Well worth your time, though!

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Listening to Father, SOn, & Holy Ghost right now for the first time on Spotofy &, I must say, it's pretty damn awesome. You hit the nail on the head with brilliant.
Oh, man, I've been listening to Father, Son, Holy Ghost some more recently. Sooooo good.
I'm in the same boat with the people said they weren't too impressed by the new album are. The first album is their best work imo. Great group nonetheless
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So Christopher Owens left the "band." I wonder what that means for JR.

Just saw this a little while ago
Break it down and then break it up again
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