anybody played the vox looper pedal? i'm in the market for a looper and currently the boss rc3 is at the top of the list but i stumbled across this one. anybody played it? know anything about it? i don't necessarily need a multi fx but this pedal seems pretty nice

Looks cool. But if you don't need the FX then the only other unique feature is the two independant loops. If you didn't need that, then the Jamman and RC have more storage. If you want drums with your looper, the G3 has that with 40 sec max loop.
it looks like it can only hold 2 loops

(i'm probably wrong though)

Where's Waldo?

i believe it does hold only 2 loops. this is making me lean a little more toward the boss. one of the things i want to use it for is to record riff ideas so that i'll have them instead of writing them down. so the 99 spots is something i like. does the rc3 have auto quantize? (i think thats what its called). does it seamlessly put together the loop so that there is no gap?
The auto quantize feature isn't as important as you might find. I don't know if it has it.

But the quantize only means something if you are synced up to a beat. So for the Jamman you have a metronome that you can use and then auto quantize matches the metro. Not so important because you don't want the listeners to hear a metro, so you would need to look at the beat led.

On the Zoom G3 it auto quantizes to the drums, which is extremely important. Gotta have it or the drums would go further out of sync each loop. IOW a disaster.

The bottom line is that you just don't need auto quantize without an audible beat. I know this because I find it easy to make seamless loops and I have crappy tempo. So the beat is kept by your strumming hand and your ability to hit the switch in sync with you hand is important, but it isn't hard enough to need an auto-quantize.
this won't be used live at all. its really for recording ideas and help with practicing solos and writing harmonies
If you want to record ideas then the Jamman will give the most storage. A used version of the Jamman original should go for around $150. And it will provide up to 2 gig of storage.

Most of the music in my link was done with loopers.. G3, ME-25, RP1000, and Jamman. Lately I've been just plugging a Line 6 Backtrack recorder into the output of my G3 and playing through headphones. That's how Some Bird, Outta Town, Baldwin Park, and Orange CHimera in my link were recorded.

I find the drum machine in the G3 to be a real nice tool. Prerecording drum loops and putting them on a Jamman is too restrictive for me, because it fixes the loop length. And that means I have to fit whatever ideas I have to that loop and tempo. Add to that the other (non-G3) loopers don't have a progress bar, and it's a creativity killer for me to have to use my thinker to adapt to technical issues.

OTOH, a looper like the Jamman is ideal once you have your songs down pat w/ loops prerecorded, and need it for a live performance tool.