I am wanting a gigworthy amp and would like some advice or experience. My budget is around 200 USD. Could go more but definitely would like to stay under 300. I play classic rock to alternative/indie rock. Some soul or motown but no slapping or jazz/funk/gospel for me, so:

I've been looking at these options and I know they are cheap, but as long as theyre decent or can get a fairly transparent clean tone, Im ok.

Kustom KPB200
Crate CR285
Acoustic 120


Kustom 115 (couldnt find anything on this)
Hartke 115 (couldnt find any info on this)
Seismic Audio 1x15

I would like a stack setup but I have looked at a few combos. Such as:

Ampeg BA115 (heard good and bad)

Ashdown EB15

also, I play a P-bass copy right now but hope to upgrade to a Squier Mustang Bass as soon as I can unload my drumset.

Sorry for yet another amp thread but I would appreciate any input those more experienced than I could offer
Ebay, craigslist, Talkbass classifides, UG classifides, mom'n'pop music shops... etc etc etc... there are plenty of options out there that are better than dealing with shittyold guitar center.

Of those you listed, the Acoustic would be my pick. But search around more. Look for old Peavey, GK, Trace Elliot, Kustom (tuck and roll), Sunn... the deals are out there.

I was on a budget like yours once, about $300. With that, i got a Sunn Colliseum head and an Ampeg 2x15... still had a few bucks left over for strings. This WAS in 2002, but damn... times ain't changed THAT much.
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Yea ive been keeping an eye on ebay and craigslist. guitarcenter is just where ive found this stuff. For some reason that Crate CR285 head keeps calling out to me. But I havent played it or even heard of it before. There is a Crate BXH220 and BX215 cab on craigslist near me right now for $300. Ive played with a 1x15 cab before. Hows that 2x15? Is it a pain to haul around?
Guitarcenter just called me back about the Kustom 115 cab and either they dont know their products or this is truly one of a kind. The guy told me they werent sure but they think its 400 ohm!!!!!!! and about 30 or 40 watts!
Yeah that's going to be wrong.
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