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Recently i've became very vain, which is strange because as a kid all the way till i was 17 i was the shyest person.

but yeah, it kind of annoys me how vain i am

anyway, any of you consider yourself to be vain?

Also, i went to make a poll last time but my computer froze
>I've became.

You're getting closer, man.
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Why you delete the other thread.

You should've known better. After everyone had a good laugh the thread would've went back on track and creating this new thread will have been in vein.


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Vain and shy aren't antonyms. You can be vain and shy.

But we're making progress.
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Let's talk about veins. They're more fun.
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I think I'm very vein, but I can't tell. I might just have more oxygenated than deoxygenated blood in me, man.

Many profile views... few friends...
I care about how i look, but more so that i don't look shit, rather than to make sure that i look fantastic, so when i check myself in the mirror, it isn't out of admiration, it is out of insecurity.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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My self-esteem is like me -- tall and full of flaws.

My self esteem is like me as well: completely ****ed.
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Honestly yes Im very vain, I like to think im better then everyone. But hey why go through life thinking people are better than yourself?
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My self-esteem is like me -- tall and full of flaws.

Mine's like me, tall and perfect.

i don't know why i feel so dry
Well, I always stare at my reflection whenever I see it and think to myself, my god how can one man be so attractive?!
So i answered no, i am not vain.
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I'm capillary

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my arms are actually so disgustingly veiny, i mean it's like a ****ing map, this one fat vein below my right bicep is like as thick as my pinky finger... im a fairly skinny guy too...

but uuh, on the topic of vanity, maybe sometimes, maybe subconciously just to hide the weaker side of my ego
I'm not too vain, although I am vain enough to be assuredly certain that the song is in fact about me.
Edit: ^^

I'm the opposite of vain, I can't stand the sight of myself
🙈 🙉 🙊
Yeah, I am

But I have been since I've been at high school!

I am as vein as a jugular!
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I'm vain and insecure. They kinda go hand-in-hand. I suffer from a strange mixture of an overinflated ego and cripplingly low self-esteem.

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