Hey Guys,

I've completely finished a bunch of tracks on audition and left them in sessions so I could sit on them and come back later with a fresh ear. Now I've moved locations in the 2 weeks since and still had some tracks left armed for recording. I've come to realize that audition crashes with a runtime error when the device set as the input for the track armed for recording isn't present. I don;t have access to the interface I was using at the time now nor any equivalent. Can anyone figure out a way of editing the audio hardware set up before opening the actual session since it crashes as soon as I do that.
Use windows explorer to get to the location where you saved the session file. Right next to it should be a folder with your session name and "_Recorded". In that file folder should be WAV files that were recorded.

Now yes they are raw WAV files so you'd have to re-mix the project, but hopefully all or most of the files are there.

You can also try going into the program preferences and change the audio hardware device and see if that will allow you to work in the session again without crashing. I'd suggest trying this before anything.