So my band is practising and we got a few songs together to perform but we have a problem, we have no idea where to find a gig. So I ask you guys with actual performing band how did you guys overcome the first step and find your first gigs?
Find local venues and email them.
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find the venues in your area. Check their websites/social networking sites for information on how to book with them...follow procedure. if there's nothing there, go to the place and inquire.

You can also talk to other bands in your area and see if you can get onto one of their gigs as an opener.

Or...you can make your own show if you can find a place to play for some people, just friends and what not. House shows can be a lot of fun.
house shows bro. and just ask the bars/grill type places. ask community centers and stuff like that for house shows. in my town we have a midnight madness type event, contact the organizers and ask.

you gotta put yourself out there

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best advice ive ever got
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