I am starting to get into guitar and was thinking a 7-string tune to drop B/C# with a low F#.

I like this Agile Ghost... looks cool to me. 30" scale seems kind of far out for guitar but it's not unheard of.


Has anyone played on one of these, or owns one? Everyone I know uses a 25.5" in standard.

I am used to playing with a 35" scale, so the size might not be so bad for me. I bassically want to do Isis/Meshuggah type stuff and retain as much clarity as possible. This is my rig I've been building... don't have a guitar yet.

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You must be confused... that picture there is a bass.
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I know... I'm just kidding about the bass in the pic. I am just wondering if 30" scale is unusually challenging to play on. I am not so concerned about doing leads, just complicated rhythms. I mainly want to get good tone recording and flesh in the ideas I've been working on. Down the line I might get more serious, but I am a bassist by trade and am always busy with that.