Hey everyone, a few nights ago I just picked up a guitar and started playing whatever I felt for the first time ever. After about 10 minutes this is what I had, so I recorded it. It's one of the first things I've written that I feel has a lot of emotion put into it and I tried to make it kind of dramatic sounding. Here it is...


Just looking to get some feedback.. Thanks!
Sounds sort of like Hotel California by The Eagles, or just a song by them. I don't know, just something I noticed. You have to watch out for picking too hard, like in 0:24 that high note was kind of pulled? It's hard to explain, but I think you get what I mean, that can kind of kill the mood. Recording quality is pretty nice, could use some EQ'ing.

I didn't really like the reverb on the lead that came in, I felt like it didn't mix well. Like how reverb just came in out of no where. What I usually do is keep the same reverb throughout the whole track. The aah's were a bit loud, and a bit too atmospheric and synthy, then again there isn't much you can do with VST aah's (Which I assume you used).

Anyways, great work. It's actually a great track, don't get me wrong. It's just a lot easier to focus on the crit than to just praise everything, so any aspect I didn't mention, I probably liked.

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Personally, I think the reverb made it sound great. Maybe a bit too much reverb at first though. The rhythm guitar could be better played. Some of those notes sound really rough and make me cringe a tiny bit, but the melody is really well played. Great leads. I like this a lot.

Crit for crit?
I don't know about you guys, but I really loved that reverb on the lead guitar! It adds a nice effect, and was sweet melody too. The bit near the end reminded me of that classic tune from an old arcade game "Gyrus".

The only small crit is that the timing on the rhythm guitar sounds a bit off near the beginning (not sure, maybe that was intentional or part of the style, just to me sounded a bit funny). But once the lead came in, I thought it was sweet.

I love the whole buildup, and then how it all goes quiet again for a nice finish. Great work!

I have an acoustic ballad for C4C if you will. Please see "My Guide":

WoW ,very nice melody and chords progression.The sound is perfect to me,a really immersive sensibiloity .I don't play acoustic guitar so much ,but I have tried because I love Gypsy Swing so much ,but don't have the condenser microphone that should have been used for this kind of recording ,but I had some pleasure to do it.Here's a link ,if you want let me a critic :
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Seems that everyone agrees with the beginning's timing being awry... Thing is, I recorded that part in free time to try and give it a laidback and free flowing kind of feeling... Maybe it didn't work out as I had planned? I do agree about the rhythm playing being kind of rough in some places, maybe I'll re record the rhythm. Like I said, I wrote and recorded this in about 20 minutes haha, so I'm still pretty happy with it! Thanks again for the great crits.

I'll start checking out your guys' stuff now.