I don't speak for anyone
Because I sit here by the camp fire
Staring at those burning flames
Growing larger by the seconds
Nuturing the fire with kindling
With twigs, branches, and newspaper

Looking cautiously through a naked eye
Evening approaches towards the west
The orange giant burns quietly
Thus fading into the cyclopean distance

Guided my fingers around the guitar frets
Paused for a moment to look at the lake
Dark shadows stalking the outer edges of the shoreline
The delicate trees blended with the clear water
Tangerine colors reflecting with it's nature's touch
I'm at school, so don't expect a long argumentation yet.

To keep it short: I like it. But is it a lyric or a poem? It looks more like a poem to me. Or a poem like lyric idk, lol. (possibly the lack of a chorus). I like the part "The orange giant burns quietly". Assuming you mean the sun... Overall it feels a bit "normal", but in a good and unique way..