Man I love this passage, sweet tone there too, what amp did you use?
*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*
Thank you, good sir. Got anything for me to listen to? And as for my amp, I used VST plugins, actually. Ran the guitar through my old discontinued Digitech RP150, plugged it into my comp, and slathered LePou plugins onto it. I think I used the Lecto plug + the LeCab one.

So far, LePou is doing good stuff for me.

Thanks for the compliments!
It's good dude you seem quite fluent with it and comfortable. Though at times it does feel a little bit static and could use a bit more expression and dynamics. Try rolling the volume down at some parts, then open it up and rip out on some bits!

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Sounds pretty good man. I've never heard this song before, but it is apparent you know it pretty well. I feel like there were some parts where you were a tad bit slow but maybe that's how it's suppose to be played. I didn't really like the guitar tone, were you using that practice amp in the background? Overall nice effort though, definitely enjoyed it.

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