So I had a couple of stickers on my white guitar and decided to take them off only to find that where the stickers were are now white as a sheet and the rest of the guitar is kind of...gross looking off-white almost yellow.

So, obvious question is obvious at this point. How do I get the rest of my guitar to become as clean as where my stickers were?
Adhesive remover, then some polish and buffing and the normal cleanup jazz.
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By wood polish do you mean the stuff that you'd put on your coffee table?
Don't use it on a guitar.
..I was watching my death.
Use a carnuba wax. Megulars auto polish works great for taking nicotine, beer, margarita's,blood,etc. off a guitar, and won't leave a film on it like furnitue polish.
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naptha. in our shop this seems to work to take off ANYTHING adhesive and doesnt damage wood. it evaporates IMMETDIATELY off a hard surface.. im not too sure how youd feel about it and your finnish.
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