Hello, I was messing around on my guitar and wanted to create something that sounded sort of like an AC/DC song. So I actually wrote the riffs for the verses, pre-chorus,chorus,and bridge all on my guitar. Then I tabbed it all out into Guitar Pro 6 and added another Guitar, Bass, and Drums. I however did not write the solo on the guitar, I just guessed at it and put it into GP6. So download it and take a listen and tell me if I captured any of the AC/DC sound and/or style, and if so from what era!?

I have no song title or lyrics yet, still working on that.

Tell me what you think of it???

Guitar Pro 6 file
Can you make a GP5 file of it?
Musical Theatre! *jazz hands*

...what am I doing on this site...
man , thats some good shit you got there

really happy ac dc sorta stuff.
allthough it was cinda repetetive and basic i really liked it anyway
and you got a nice gpx sound going on ! im jealous

anyway can you check out the holy crusade for me ? its in my sig thx
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