I recently finished recorded 3 demo songs for my band, however I can't seem to get the vocals to sound right. Maybe this is a mixing/editing problem, but the sounds isn't as crisp and present as I'd like. They're just kinda loud. Please scroll down for my questions.

Please listen to my band's songs here:


Here's what I used:
- MXL90 Microphone Condensor mic w/ Shockmount
(I used a Shure SM57 on the track called "Ego Trip")
- Carvin Concert Series C1644 Mixer
- Line 6 UX1 External Sound Card
- Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter 6"
- Windows Vista x64
- Acoustica Mixcraft 5

So here are my questions:

1. I didn't record in a vocal booth or anything, just in my room. I'm assuming this is part of the reason why my vocals don't sound as professionally recorded as they could, right?

2. Is there anything I can do to make my vocals sound better with the rest of my band's entire mix? Anything either production-wise or other?

3. Does anything in the tracks seem off to you (something louder, quiter, or just not sounding well in the mix)?

4. I'd like to learn more about demo production but don't know where to look because I don't really know what questions to ask. I don't know what questions to ask because I'm not sure what's working and what's not. HELP!

Any feedback is much appreciated! Thank you in advance guys
The first thing I notice, it that the mixdown doesn't sound "tight"

I'll use a compressor on the vocals and add more bass, maybe less reverb

the vocal harmonies sound a bit weird when sung in unison..

I like the arrangement btw
Opus Pocus =]
What do you mean by tight? How can I get it to sound tight?

Do you mean add more bass to the vocals? Or just more bass guitar?
by tight, is less reverb and more cohesion between the instruments..

think of the audio spectrum as a canvas where you draw your masterpiece,
in this case: "brighter" with the colors (instruments)

each instrument covers a different part of the audio spectrum, the bass the lower part, guitars and vocals cover the mids, and the highs are usually the cymbals

in short:
you need to EQ each instrument in order to cover as much of its frequency in its proper range
without sounding muddy (to much interference from other instruments)
but with proper presence in the mix (so it stands out)

its not much different than cutting a cake to little children.. I digress..

so adding a bit more of (EQ) bass to your vocals could define more the sound. therefore making it tighter

if you're having any issues, contact me on facebook (facebook.com/josuetijuana)
Opus Pocus =]