Ive been playing for quite some time, I am very creative and satisfied with my skills most of the time.


There are just some things that it seems I'll never get, that don't really seem like they should be that hard in reality.

For instance, the beginning tremolo part of thrice-deadbolt. I used to live that song in high school, and it sounds like it should be a piece of cake but I can just never get it right, I've tried slowing down to almost nothing, breaking down my technique, and slowly build it back up, but it just never works.

Any advice for a pissed off, frustrated player? Any advice on the song itself? i'm pretty much trying to tremolo with my right hand, and just follow with my left at the right timing.
If you can't get it right then there's something wrong with your technique somewhere, you can't just slow it down, get it right there and then speed up.

Slow it down, speed up very gradually and find the tempo where you stop being able to do whatever it is you're trying to do. Once you've found it, figure out what about your technique faltering and fix that. It's all about fixing the first mistake you make since once you've made that mistake it affects everything else you do.

Sorry I can't advise you on the specific song, I don't know it and have no access to anywhere that I could find it right now, I might have a look at it later but I don't honestly believe it'll change my answer.

If you're looking for really specific pointers then you're going to have to post a video of you playing, clean and distorted at both low and high speeds. If you can do that we might be able to help you more but really that would just be us doing the process above for you.
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