Hey folks, im an OK guitar player. Around 3-4 years. My issue is when i try to play a song, it usually takes me a while to get my voice to sing in that key. After i get the key i can sing the song perfectly. Its just that its always hard for me to find the key to START singing. I end up playing the first chords a few times and trying different keys.

Any ideas on how this is resolved?
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Practice, think of your voice as another instrument, it takes time to be able to sing right without a warm up.
Even if you can find the right key without warming up, it's always a good idea.
Figure out what the first note of the song is for your voice, and play that note on the guitar before you start so you can quietly match the pitch before you actually start the song.


Find out what that first note is again, and try to listen for that note as a chord tone in some of the intro.... even try to find some way of helping yourself focus in on it so that you can get a good "hear" on it.

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