I'm back yet again!

In my previous thread, someone brought up the Ibanez RGA32 as an alternative to the LTD M-100FM which would replace my current Squier Affinity series.

LTD: http://www.iconmusic.com.au/store/electric-guitars/esp-guitars/m-series-ltd/esp-ltd-m-100fmstb-electric-guitar.html

Ibanez: http://www.iconmusic.com.au/store/electric-guitars/ibanez-electric/ibanez-rg-series/ibanez-rga32-black-flat-electric-guitar.html

I mainly play metal and I wonder what would be the best choice?

I'm a total Ibanez fanboy, but I'm not overly fond of the RGA series. I haven't played that particular one, but even high end RGAs I haven't liked all that much (apart from the RGA8, that was fun ).

But anyway, I used to own an LTD M-100FM which I got used, and the previous owner had swapped out the pickups for a classic EMG 81/85 set. I'm not a huge fan of EMGs either but it was a fantastic guitar - definitely a great choice for metal. I would get that.*

*Of course, the stock standard usual response of "play both and see which one you prefer" also applies here.
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I own two Ibanez guitars and one LTD. Like them both. Given the price difference and the features.

I think in this case you should go with the LTD. A little more bang for your buck.
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