I changed my pickguard and all the electronics (including pickups) in my guitar before a few days and since then my sustain became significantly lower. Unplugged and plugged, in every string, and every fret (even open).
Everything seems fine - action, no additional buzz in any string, truss rod adjusted right, pickups adjusted right.
I actually expected some improvement, because before I changed pickups (it's an Ibanez GRX40 if that matters) I had H-S-S and cheap low-output pickups so I thought now I won't have to raise the pickups as far as I had too and also those are Dimarzios so I also thought they have patents to reduce the magnetic pull. The pickups are set up pretty low, 1 cm from the strings in the low E side. Those are crunch lab and liquifire if that matters.
BTW I even use the same strings I always used.
So do you guys have any idea what could happen?
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what's the volume output like? that set of dimarzios is extremely hot - you should be getting a ton more output. a whole centimetre? sounds a little far...try adjusting the height of the pups if you've experienced both a loss of sustain and volume.
The signal is stonger... I used to put the gain at like 2 o'clock to get a certain "heaviness" and now I need it above 12 o'clock to get the same.
The sustain is worse even unplugged so they aren't too low and it's not because I use less gain as well

I just tried playing with the gain like I used to and even though I have more distortion that I had before I still have much less sustain!
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