I am new to guitar, I like metal, and I wanted to have a good guitar for it. I am in love with the EC series, but there are like so many of them, there are ec 1000, ec401, ec407. ec330, ec50, ec10 and so many of them, even the ec1000s have like ec1000mgo, ec1000ssb...etc which one is the best for metal and which one is the cheapest since my budget is under $1000 lolz

PLZ HELp me 
You can get any of the EC-1000 models that tickles your fancy for about $650. Stick with a model that has EMG pickups. The "EC-1000T/CTM model with 22 frets, full thickness body, and ebony fingerboard has a particularly sweet sound. The other models have thin bodies, 24 frets and belly/neck body cutouts which do not sound as good. I own both full thickness and thin LTD's so I speak from experience.


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The higher the number (ec50, 401 etc.) the better. EC1000 are the best of the Ltd's. They should all be just around $900 as far as I know.

Now, the different letter (ssb, mgo etc.) is how they look/which specifications they have. You have to consider whether you want passives or actives; both can be used for metal but it's two different tones. The one model called EC-1000FR comes with Floyd Rose and the question is if you want that. So passives or actives? Floating bridge or hardtail? And what finish would you like?

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I third the EC 1000. It all depends on what you want on it. Colour, type of bridge, pickups etc
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