hello guys... i need some help with the song structure for my band!!! basically what i'm trying to do is Alternative Metal/Nu Metal. My influences are S.O.A.D. Slipknot Disturbed etc.

but i'm a bit confused about the song structure for my originals!!! i need some structure which is unusual or out of the box...
[the basic structure what i think is intro...verse...break...verse...bridge...chorus...solo...outro something like that]

can u guys please suggest me some other structures...

I usually put verse,chorus,verse,bridge,verse,solo,bridge and chorus.
Hope it helps!
How often have we chased the dream of progress, only to see that dream perverted?
More often than not, haven't the machines we built to improve life shattered the lives of millions?
And now we want to turn that dream on ourselves, to fundamentally improve who we are.
Experience has shown me how dangerous that can be.
Bro can u actually tell me about a song within this structure??? so that i can hear it myself and get the whole pic!!!

Thanx for helping me out!!!
You've told us your influences. With all due respect to YoShockray, he wasn't on the list. So why are you trying to get song structure off him? Put on a SOAD album, and listen to theirs! Listen to others you like. Jeez.