Towards the end of June this year I bought a Vintage V100 Les Paul copy. So far I am very happy with it - it looks and sounds fantastic.

I have had a few problems with it though. Last month the guitar output broke, where you put the cable in. This was an easy fix as I just unscrewed it, and re-tightened it. This has happened twice now but is not a major issue.

However, recently I have been attempting the Hotel California solo. I've noticed that the 10th fret on e string closest to the ground makes a very strange wobbling noise. It sounds horrendous, and completely ruins the solo. I am running it through a Vox DA5 with a reasonably high gain and overdrive. I am not using any pedals. This is also happening to a lesser extent on the B string.

I have checked google to no avail, probably because I don't know what the problem is. I also don't have the equipment or know how to change settings such as action.