Hi everyone, I need your help and opinions.

I'm starting a band, and we have a lot of compositions using synth lines in the background (take Muse's Knights of Cydonia as an example).

We are having a really tough time tryng to sync of playing with the computer or vice versa (we are using FL Studio to play and create the synths).

The question is... How would you do it? We don't want an extra guy making/playing the synths (for some of them we would need Jordan Rudess to play them, they are kind of imposible to play :S)

Is there a program for this? or we need to buy a synthesizer? if yes, which one?

Any help would be appreciated!
If you did have an extra person, you could use a MIDI keyboard to run the sounds through FL. Otherwise, play through some sort of click, where the synth lines come in at specific points.
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wrong forum, but a click track will help you line everything up.
You can usually run the click to go to the drummer so everything lines up.