My set up is pretty crappy. Everything is DI'd, the drums are fake and I have no vocals. Though I do run my guitars back out through a valve amp through a dummy load these days, so the guitars at least sound somewhat good. This signal is then put through a set of amp impulses as I only have a little valve practise amp and can't mic it up... it'd sound terrible.

I need help on how to "open up" this mix I guess, it sounds a little to dense for me; but at the same time I feel the guitars sound a little puny. I've included bellow links to a Mastered version (ozone modified preset) and a un-masted one.



Any tips gaiz?
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Well, first - The Left and Right guitars are noticably out of sync. Did you just take one of the tracks and push it forward in front of the other so it didn't produce a mono track? Or did you actually record both tracks separately? If it's the first one, like I think it is, you need to nudge the track forward less, so it's barely noticeable, that will create a tighter feel.

The guitars need more gain, try boosting them if you're not already. What impulses are you using? Look up Catharsis impulses if you don't have them already, they will give you a pretty big sound.

Your bass is sitting in a weird spectrum, it's not filling in the lowend of the guitars like it's supposed to, it stands out way too much for the music you're playing. Try duplicating the track, cut off the lowend on one and add some distortion to it; cut off all the high end on the other and keep it clean. Make sure to compress. This will give you some attack on the bass to blend in with the guitars, while still allowing you to get plenty of lowend that doesn't stand out too much.

What are you using for drums? I can honestly barely hear them, but the toms sound really fake to me. Not really a ton you can do with that without spending some money, though you could try finding some free samples and running a MIDI sampler with them in it. You might end up with better results. Either way, turn up the drums a bit, they're being buried by the other instruments and the cymbals are almost inaudible at times.
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